2022 School Advisory Council Members

Angelo Siciliano (Chair)
I have been a part of advisory council for 3 years I am a father of four with three of my children attending St. Joseph's, currently in Grades 4, 1 and Foundation and our youngest will be joining next year. I myself also attended St. Joseph’s. The reason I joined is because I have a vested interest in the school as my children attend and I wanted to be a part of the growth of St. Joseph’s.

Olivia Van Every (Vice Chair)
I have 2 daughters who attend St. Josephs, Payton in grade 6 and Sage in grade 4. I attended St. Josephs myself for all of my primary school years and it's lovely to see our children there now. I really enjoy being an active participant in our children's learning which is why I joined the advisory council and I have been a member now for 3 years.

Carlie Ross-Soden
I have been on Advisory Council since the beginning. I joined the Advisory Council to offer support and contribute to the school as a parent representative. Having attended St. Joseph’s School myself many years ago and then having 2 children attend with my youngest daughter Edie currently in Grade 6, I believe in giving back to the community and assisting when needed by offering advice and guidance with the governance of the school. I have met some amazing people and made some lifelong friendships by being involved in this wonderful school. I would encourage all parents to take the plunge and consider joining Advisory Council in the future as it gives a great insight into the operation of how the school truly runs.

Kellie Quinane
I joined the advisory council as a member so I could give input, bring new ideas and use my current skill base to help my children have a successful learning experience at St Josephs. My children are Osgar (former St. Joseph’s student), Ned (Cobram District Specialist School) and Evie (currently in Grade 6 at St. Josephs).

Dean Harris
My 2 children Jacoba grade 4 and William grade 2 attend St Joseph's. I have lived in Cobram for 22 years, and am originally from Geelong. I was approached to join the advisory council by another father who is a member. My main purpose is to try to assist in a broader range of thinking to assist in an already organised council.

Rebecca Robertson
I have four children, of which three attend St. Josephs & a three year old. Lukas, Dakota, Isla and Peyton.I am a dairy farmer & alongside my husband Stewart we run our own dairy business as well as agricultural contracting. I’m a very passionate person and I love what I do.I also love being involved with what my 'kidlets' are up to and have loved being involved in the advisory council. It’s definitely opened my eyes in a good way to see the involvement and collaboration of what it takes to run our fantastic school.