Children are enrolled at the beginning of the year in which they are five years of age, on or before April 30th of that year and it is encouraged that children previously attend kindergarten.

Parents are asked to present their child's Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate. All children enrolling at St. Joseph's School will be required to present an Immunisation Certificate.

Non-Catholic children are enrolled with the understanding that they participate fully in the Religious Education Program.

A Transition Program operates to assist the kindergarten children in making a smooth transition into school life . This commences in Term 3 and begins with walk throughs organised by the kindergarten and our Preps visiting the kindergartens.

Once completed enrolment forms are received the children are placed in small groups to come to school. Parents receive a letter containing the dates of visits.There is a gradual increase in the time spent at school over the four visits, leading up to half a day spent at school in December.


OPEN DAYS: 21st & 28th July 2020

ENROLMENT INTERVIEWS: Week 4 and 5 of Term 3

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Student Enrolment Policy