The care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people is a central and fundamental responsibility at St Joseph's Primary School.

THe Student Wellbeing Coordinator works in close collaboration with and under the direction of the Principal and Deputy Principal, in leading the response to the wellbeing and pastoral care needs of all students of St Joseph's Primary School.

The Student Wellbeing Coordinator coordinates the Pastoral Care Program to promote support and restore the wellbeing of students by ensuring the students have access to:

  • Programs promoting resiliance
  • Programs developing the social and emotional wellbeing of students
  • Programs supporting students experiencing grief and loss


Responsibilies of the Student Wellbeing Coordinator

  • Liaise with the Leadership Team and the Wellbeing Officer, to develop Pastoral Interventions, such as building relationships with outside agencies, to respond to significant wellbeing concerns and issues.
  • In conjunction with the Leadership Team, provide support and respond to serious wellbeing and discipline issues.
  • Together with the Leadership Team, review and ensure the implementation of pastoral care, bullying and drug policies and promote leadership within the school community.
  • Assist with parent information evenings.
  • Work in conjunction with the Teachering and Learning Coordinator to develop and enhance Teacher and Learning Program, which give students a voice.
  • Share responsibility for the implementation of occupational health and safety polies and procedures in the workplace.